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embracing cultural identity and pride through the arts



At The Park Place, we believe being Latine is a strength. We continue to foster that strength in our youth and families through our preservation programs. In spaces that may attempt to stamp out cultural identity and awareness, TPP celebrates it.

Most of our students are first generation migrant youth, which leaves a lot of our youth feeling stuck between two worlds. The Park Place cultivates specific preservation programs to help youth and families stay connected to their homeland and cultural practices through a myriad of art mediums.


Holiday workshop

Our holiday workshops celebrate various Latine holidays, bringing together families to create and celebrate throughout the year.

Pictured: Alondra Garza, fall feature artist teacher.

Lynda Grafito 2 (2) (2).jpg


Talented Latine artists host various workshops for our community to enjoy. Whether it's creating papel picado for Day of the Dead, making linocut prints, or enlisting in an Aztec dance group, there are multiple ways to celebrate identity through art.

Pictured: Lynda Acosta, spring feature artist teacher.

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