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where we've been and where we're going



While The Park Place was founded in 2021, its history starts long before then. Our inception is intertwined with another organization's history, with the journey starting almost a decade ago, in 2014.


The Founder of The Park Place worked as Program Director with a small community organization, curating and developing programs informed by community members. After six years of working with Latine community members, running youth and family programs, and developing strong relationships, the initial organization was changing course. Programs and community work would be ending.

In discussions with families and youth of this transition, feedback was pretty clear: we do not want programs and relationships to end. Thus began a journey that would lead to our own inception. Along with parents and community leaders, programs and new visions began to formulate. And finally, in 2021, The Park Place was born, paying homage to its humble beginnings at local park and recreation centers; we continue to operate as The Park Place, even as we grow into more park and rec centers throughout Minneapolis.




The Park Place exists to close the opportunity gap for Latine youth, families, and community members in Minneapolis through equitable access to leadership, education, advocacy, and preservation. We believe that gaps in education are not an achievement issue, but an opportunity issue. TPP desires to see all youth and families in our community thrive when given the support and resources that are often difficult to access for Latine individuals.

While our mission sounds simple, The Park Place understands the multi-faceted and systemic factors that contribute to obstacles in our community. Therefore, we utilize a holistic approach within our framework.

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