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Arts & Crafts




We believe the gap in education is not an achievement issue, but an opportunity issue.


All of our programs are a response to differences in opportunity. Each program is designed to foster a love of learning and remove barriers to learning.

Arts & Crafts

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

-Nelson Mandela

School Kids

The Park | At School

We are so grateful for school partnerships. One of our core learning programs is a before-school program that serves 70 students five days a week for the academic school year.


Students have the opportunity to experience robotics, art, STEM, literacy support, and so much more! 


The Park | Readers

A foundation of joy, wonder, and curiosity is what we foster at Readers. Students from Kindergarten through 3rd grade rotate through literacy stations throughout the evening.


Kids can be found with a book from our library, listening to a read aloud, practicing sight words, and completing a craft from our weekly book! 


THe Park | Learners

We love our Learners! All of our students are learning at every moment. This Kindergarten through 8th grade program meets weekly.


Students receive homework help, play games, complete STEM activities, and attend quarterly experiential learning outings.  


THe Park | Cultivate

Learning doesn't just happen for the littles at The Park Place. We know that relationships and experiences can be the biggest teachers for our high schoolers.


In cultivate, students develop leadership through service, have a fun and inviting space to build memories, and attend an annual service trip abroad. 

"...every minute a chance to change the world."

-Dolores Huerta

Healthy Food

The Park | Nourish

One in four children struggle with food insecurity. One in three struggle with malnutrition. We know that a hungry stomach can be an obstacle for a learning brain.

Especially in the midst of Covid, families can find it especially difficult to access produce. With Nourish, registered families receive a produce box (and more!) twice a month.



The Park | Community

Community brings healing. We embrace moments of togetherness by providing events to gather.


Whether it's a barbecue in the summer, our Back2School Bash, our holiday party, or just a program get-together, we hold space for the importance of connection.

We hope you join us one day soon!

Image by Donny Jiang

THe Park | Roots

Strong roots build healthy trees. Having a sustainable housing builds secure families. Security and safety allow us to thrive.


Due to a multitude of reasons, affordable housing has become increasingly difficult for our families. Our Roots program allows young adults and families to thrive in organizationally subsidized homes.


Image by Jhon David

THe Park | Grow

Grow is a program for our parents. It is a coalition that meets to inform our organization and community needs. 

Quarterly meetings are also scheduled for our parents to learn about issues that are affecting their kids today. Whether it's mental health, technology, or school advocacy - our parents have a safe space to ask questions and get answers.


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