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The Park Place exists to close the opportunity gap in Minnesota.


We accomplish more, succeed more, and change more when we do it together.

Bekah Simpson

The Founder of The Park Place.

Bekah believes in the dignity of all persons, the interconnectedness of humanity, and the inherent worth of individuals.

She has worked in the non-profit sector for six years, valuing the relationships that have been built through community.

Graciela Torres

Program Coordination

at The Park Place.

Graciela is believes that all children should love learning and experience joy. She is passionate about helping others and has an immediate connection with children.

She has a long history of involvement in programs and has built trust with our students and families.


Romina Tello Lopez

Program Coordination

 at The Park Place.

Romina is passionate about working with kids and families. Because she loves what she does at program, she has a steady source of motivation which drives her to do her best on behalf of students.


Aleyah Callaghan

Program Support at The Park Place

Aleyah is passionate about kids and seeing them flourish and become their best selves. She believes in the importance of collaboration and connectedness between the different worlds that make up children's' lives - home, neighborhood, community, and school. She is a social worker and has been coming alongside kids and families in various academic, professional, and communal settings

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